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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erunno's "Not So Kind" Thoughts

So I got an email today from Gigi regarding some rather nasty things messieur Erunno had to say regarding our Emerald Dream production.

I must say, if anyone was blatantly looking for a fight or at least to start one it was certainly this guy.

Erunno Quote: Yeah, I missed the Sunday deadline, again. But you know what? It was damn worth it! Why? Because I got something to review that will surely spark some flame wars or complaining. Can't wait! This is Emerald Dream, by... a bunch of people.

Gigi asked me did I even know this guy and I did not. Never even had a chance to say hello to the guy. I mean if he wanted my attention so badly all he had to do was knock on my door(email) and say "Hey! I'm a fellow neighbor and was hoping to get to know more people. Up for some cupcakes and muffins?"

I'd have been like, OH YOU DAMN right muffins and cupcakes! You are my new best friend! *Squee* =D

Instead he had to blatantly throw out a statement that clearly suggests he was looking for a fight(or tried to anyways.)

Gigi's reply to him was sweet and informative where as mine simply humored his 'attempt' at such a blatant "zero punctuation"esq criticism. And by humor I mean I simply smiled at him. Nothing says Fuck You and the rubber horse dildo you rode in on then a simple smile. That's really all there was to say. Just smile ^_^.

So, yeah, dunno about you guys but I don't think I have any interest in celebrating this year's coming Christmas party with Erunno. Sorry Erunno, Santa says you've just been too Naughty ^_^


Dyl Mac (Pairs) said...

Yea i hate my Machinimas being judged even knowing I wasn't mentioned in the review. I'd just don't like Machinimas being judged >< lol