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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Machinima Update

Emerald Dream

Recently my good buddy Gigi (PvPGurl) asked me to join her and WoPairs (Paris) on a new project she will be placing in a coming film festival titled, Emerald Dream. The beautiful and fun paced song has many "Alice in Wonderland" twists and themes to it with a touch of "Avatar" mixed in for backgrounds.

The song follows Gigi in her trip into The Emerald Dream of World of Warcraft where she is dazzled and amazed by the rich life and colors of the untouched paradise. A friendly, mischievous Druid 'chesire cat' leads Gigi further and deeper into the reaches of the Emerald Dream and as the song unfolds more dazzling creatures and familiar faces appear.

Joining in on this wild and exciting production are myself and my studio (Wicked Wood Studios), Kamuraki of Baka Savant Productions, Gigi (PvPgurl), WoPairs (Paris), Sharm of Azeroth and a talented 3D effects gentleman named David.

The official release date as stated by Gigi is April 10th 2010.

The Grinch Christmas Special is on brief hold while we finish this production due to it's upcoming release date but rest assured it will be quick to follow and finish being released when this joint project has finished. My apologies on it's continued delay, the computer I bought a year ago has been a nightmare (Never EVER buy from HP) but thanks to my buddies at Geek Squad it finally is in working tip-top shape.

Keep a look out for more updates!