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Thursday, October 23, 2008

At Long Last!

Finally, after a year and a half of researching and playing around with programs and learning on the fly from both practice and tutorials, my first ever Machinima is out! I'm Too Pally was created as a fun little project in name of my friend Candace and Rob's characters, Golaith nd Vlada, from a radio drama they did over a year ago.

I had a lot of fun with this project, it took me a month but that was because from the moment I started editing I had to learn everything as I went along. Sometimes it took entire days just researching and practicing with little tricks and effects just to get it right.

The end of I'm Too Pally was the hardest part, where virtually every frame is animated or blue-screened. Making the characters look like they are coming right at the camera or even getting the movement and time down was very difficult.

I know it could have been more flashy and animated but I love the in-game engine and I personally like to make great use of it since not many seem to. That is just my preference though, I like to give people that connection to the game.

I received a call from Candace (the voice of Vlada, Golaith’s wife) the day after I’m Too Pally came out while I was playing on WoW with some buddies and I was completely taken by surprise when she told me to look at WeGame and see the recent posts. When I went to look I was stunned in awe. One of my favorite Machinimators, and one of the best, had posted a reply. Mr. Oxhorn himself!

I was so excited and so honored that he had accepted me placing his characters in the video as a tribute to him. There are many other characters from various Machinima whom I still watch today or inspired me a year ago to do what I have finally started to do. I really do owe a big thank you to Oxhorn, Myndflame, Baron Soosdon, Martin Flach, Oblivious Films and so many more. Without their inspiration I wouldn't have picked this up at all.

I've uploaded "I'm Too Pally" to a couple more locations as well. Here are some links where you can find it.