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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Beginning at Last!

Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my Blog and tuning in to this lil' Rogue's adventures as I finally make my climb into the open world. I have officially climbed out of my hidey-hole and started production on not only my Machinima works but also my Podcasts as well as my art and animation.

I'm basically learning everything I do as I go along but with the support of my friends in the many fields at my side encouraging me along I hope to be bringing many of my works for all of your viewing pleasure in the near future.

So some of you might be wondering a bit about me and who I am. For those of you reading who know who I am and what I do well--hello! For the friends of those friends or just complete random strangers I am (I am going to sound egoistical here, forgive) a great creator!

I hope to be a screenplay writer for several movies and a TV series I am working on at the moment but I am also working towards being a Novelist, an Artist and a Voice Actor. Quite a bit it would seem, eh? I really love to create and through my work I love to inspire and dazzle.

Oh! but back to what I was saying earlier, I am officially starting work on several Machinima as well as my first ever Podcast which will be called "Vault" which will be a World of Warcraft themed podcast. I plan to do another Podcast at a later date but I'll tell you more about that one later.

I am a big time supporter of The Geek Media and I am hoping to join as an affiliate of their's where you'll be able to get regular updates for my Podcast. Eventually I hope to be going to many conventions as well and set up a booth on their behalf and meet with many of my friends and perhaps future community supports.

Anyways, back to working on my productions! I look forward to showing you all my first ever Machinima "Too Pally" and Podcast "Vault".

See you all again soon!