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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Special--10 Days to GO!

Well everyone, the Christmas Special is on it's way and I am hard at work along with all my fellow Machinimators to get this project finished and out for you all!

Two surprise guest voice actors have joined the project but their time may or may not allow for them to get lines in to me. If they do I will announce them to you.

On board with me this year are even more Machinimators and talented actors and we all look forward to presenting this fun and exciting musical production to you.

Joining me this year are:

Myndflame (Illegal Danish)
Oblivious Studios (The Grind)
BakaSavants Studios (Chronicles of the Annoying Quest)
Nyhm (Madcow Studios)
Summergale (Madcow Studios)
Baron Soosdon
Gigi (PvPgurl)
Abandonation (Druid Boyz)
Candace Holly (Vlada from Chronicles of the Annoying Quest)
Falcon Studios (Snacky's Journal)

And lending additional vocal talents to the project are:
Dj Spin
Jesse Cox

And many more possibly to come!

Take care and Happy Holidays!