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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Emerald Dream Complete!

The Emerald Dream is at last complete! The production will air in 4 days via Lady Gigi's YouTube channel and will also be aired in an upcoming film festival. This production is truly a masterpiece and is a paragon example of how truly great a production can be when multiple Machinimator's and Creator's can work together to bring forth the dazzling creations of their thoughts.

Working with Gigi, WoPairs, Sharm, Kam and David was amazing and I hope we will all continue to work together on future projects in the near future. For the time being I am taking a week off from Machinimating to take care of some personal matters and some business.

Wicked Wood Studios is undergoing a few changes this week and along with the changes is coming the hope of a new community supported by some truly amazing Machinimators who are banding together.

The Grinch Project will be picked up within the next week and finished before any further productions are done and again I am truly sorry for it's incredibly long delay. My adivce: NEVER---EVER---buy an HP computer.

Keep in touch for more updates via this blog. See you all soon!



Don said...

Why are you ignoring the big elephant in the room? Where are the rest of the C.O.T.A.Q. season 3 episodes?! You can't hide behind the whole "Well we have stuff to do." rhetoric any longer and you know that....

Also, some of your arguments for why C.O.T.A.Q. are just pointless, I watch Zero Punctuation and although it is interesting it doesn't actually impede one from machinating.

Your website is down, still. Even if you guys bothered to put up just one new update explaining why there are still no new episodes are happening it would calm your fans.

When are you going to make another C.O.T.A.Q.? Can you give any updates at all to your fans? Why aren't you making any new episodes?