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Friday, November 19, 2010

Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween (World of Warcraft)

It has arrived! This is Halloween by the Machinima Community!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Erunno's "Not So Kind" Thoughts

So I got an email today from Gigi regarding some rather nasty things messieur Erunno had to say regarding our Emerald Dream production.

I must say, if anyone was blatantly looking for a fight or at least to start one it was certainly this guy.

Erunno Quote: Yeah, I missed the Sunday deadline, again. But you know what? It was damn worth it! Why? Because I got something to review that will surely spark some flame wars or complaining. Can't wait! This is Emerald Dream, by... a bunch of people.

Gigi asked me did I even know this guy and I did not. Never even had a chance to say hello to the guy. I mean if he wanted my attention so badly all he had to do was knock on my door(email) and say "Hey! I'm a fellow neighbor and was hoping to get to know more people. Up for some cupcakes and muffins?"

I'd have been like, OH YOU DAMN right muffins and cupcakes! You are my new best friend! *Squee* =D

Instead he had to blatantly throw out a statement that clearly suggests he was looking for a fight(or tried to anyways.)

Gigi's reply to him was sweet and informative where as mine simply humored his 'attempt' at such a blatant "zero punctuation"esq criticism. And by humor I mean I simply smiled at him. Nothing says Fuck You and the rubber horse dildo you rode in on then a simple smile. That's really all there was to say. Just smile ^_^.

So, yeah, dunno about you guys but I don't think I have any interest in celebrating this year's coming Christmas party with Erunno. Sorry Erunno, Santa says you've just been too Naughty ^_^

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Emerald Dream Complete!

The Emerald Dream is at last complete! The production will air in 4 days via Lady Gigi's YouTube channel and will also be aired in an upcoming film festival. This production is truly a masterpiece and is a paragon example of how truly great a production can be when multiple Machinimator's and Creator's can work together to bring forth the dazzling creations of their thoughts.

Working with Gigi, WoPairs, Sharm, Kam and David was amazing and I hope we will all continue to work together on future projects in the near future. For the time being I am taking a week off from Machinimating to take care of some personal matters and some business.

Wicked Wood Studios is undergoing a few changes this week and along with the changes is coming the hope of a new community supported by some truly amazing Machinimators who are banding together.

The Grinch Project will be picked up within the next week and finished before any further productions are done and again I am truly sorry for it's incredibly long delay. My adivce: NEVER---EVER---buy an HP computer.

Keep in touch for more updates via this blog. See you all soon!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Machinima Update

Emerald Dream

Recently my good buddy Gigi (PvPGurl) asked me to join her and WoPairs (Paris) on a new project she will be placing in a coming film festival titled, Emerald Dream. The beautiful and fun paced song has many "Alice in Wonderland" twists and themes to it with a touch of "Avatar" mixed in for backgrounds.

The song follows Gigi in her trip into The Emerald Dream of World of Warcraft where she is dazzled and amazed by the rich life and colors of the untouched paradise. A friendly, mischievous Druid 'chesire cat' leads Gigi further and deeper into the reaches of the Emerald Dream and as the song unfolds more dazzling creatures and familiar faces appear.

Joining in on this wild and exciting production are myself and my studio (Wicked Wood Studios), Kamuraki of Baka Savant Productions, Gigi (PvPgurl), WoPairs (Paris), Sharm of Azeroth and a talented 3D effects gentleman named David.

The official release date as stated by Gigi is April 10th 2010.

The Grinch Christmas Special is on brief hold while we finish this production due to it's upcoming release date but rest assured it will be quick to follow and finish being released when this joint project has finished. My apologies on it's continued delay, the computer I bought a year ago has been a nightmare (Never EVER buy from HP) but thanks to my buddies at Geek Squad it finally is in working tip-top shape.

Keep a look out for more updates!


Monday, February 22, 2010

Grinch Update!

Parts 2-4 are being done all in one fell swoop so they all can be set out at the same time. Part 3 has finished rendering and Part 4 is being touched up and finished. My apologies again on this taking so long to finish, the huge undertaking of this project was a bit much and I will make sure to better plan these kind of specials in the future.

Thank you all again for your continued patience.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

R.I.P. My Beloved One

Yesterday, my beloved companion, Lula, died after having been with me for 17 years. Since I was ten years old this beautiful little dog has been by my side and I finally had to say goodbye to her. Lula, her mate Katushka, and her puppies, Sophia and Cloie, all lived and died in our arms.

I know many of you have been waiting for the next parts of the Grinch Special and I apologize for it's delay. I will be taking the next few days off to mourn my beloved companion's passing but I promise to get the next parts out to you all soon.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Grinch Christmas Special is Out!

Hey everyone, just announcing that my Holiday Special, WoW How The Grinch Stole Christmas, is finally out! Check it out at

Big thanks to Ariel for her awesome Movie Poster for the Christmas Special. You can check out her works at her DeviantArt space:

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Doctor Who = Doctor NO

Well, I just finished watching Doctor Who Part 1&2: The End of Time. While the story and episodes were absolutely amazing, the new Doctor is just a big NO.

I cried at David Tennant's final performance as the Doctor spent his final moments saying a silent goodbye to all the people who have journeyed with him these past three seasons. Each moment was more heart breaking than the next and I wonder if David Tennant himself was feeling even a bit remorseful at his decision to leave the show.

Seeing the 10th Doctor agonize over the idea of changing into the new 11th Doctor truly did not help my feelings in the end for the new 11th Doctor when he finally happened upon the scene and perhaps I am being too critical as I am, like many others around the world, truly attached to David Tennant as MY Doctor, but I can't help but think and feel like the new 11th Doctor, Matt Smith, was trying far too hard to be like David Tennant.

Granted it is only Matt Smith's first appearance as the Doctor and hardly one worth making a huge judgment upon but he did not connect to me the way David Tennant did when he made his first appearance. Yes I wasn't very attached to David Tennant either when he first joined but his introduction was quite amazing, he reminded me sort of a British Jim Carrey, very fun loving, funny and adventurous.

Well, either way, I do not like the new Doctor and I imagine it will take me some time to get into the new series when it premieres in Spring of 2010.

Matt Smith, I hope you are ready to fill those shoes you've stepped into, I know this must be a pretty big role to fill and you are probably doing your best to live up to the great name of Doctor Who but the best advice I can give is: be your OWN Doctor, not David Tennant's.

David Tennant, you will be deeply missed as the Doctor, you truly made my introduction to the Doctor Who series worth while and I look forward to future productions you take part in. Keep up the awesome work and god bless.

-Teagen the Rogue