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Thursday, October 30, 2008


I am completely beside myself... I am in shock and dismay and overflowing with sheer joy and happiness. So there I am chatting with friends on vent about the fun times that have passed and what future plans we have for our gaming experiences and while chatting with them I was surfing some websites.

Earlier I had heard a song that I really wanted to find and I remembered one of my favorite Machinimators, MacHeath from Oblivious Films, had featured the song in one of his videos. So I scurried over to Oblivious Films website, watched the video and found out the name of the song and suddenly I wondered if the crew of Oblivious was still active on their forums. So I clicked into the forums and was shocked at the very first thing I find........

Quote: "I'm Too Pally" by Teagen the Rogue - Drewbie

Drewbie: "Figured I'd give this one it's own thread. This is apparently Teagen's first machinima ever and he does a pretty decent job. The reason it's here rather than the random WoW videos thread though is that he put in many familiar characters from popular machinima, including quite a few characters from "The Grind". Check it out."

I told my friends how happy I was that Drewbie had enjoyed my production as well as seen it when another friend, Sin, told me my film was FEATURED on!! It had a five star rating and over 1700 views!! I couldn't contain myself. I text all my friends to tell them the incredible news despite it being 5am, I'm sorry guys! XD

I am filled with such incredible desire to push forward even faster now and really lunge deep into the field and show what I can really do but I still need to finish my tutorials and learn a few more tricks of the trade. Soon guys, I'll be there in time but I am gonna continue my steady pace and just keep my hopes high. I really love doing this.

Thank you Drewbie and the people at for featuring my film. Your praise and recognition means a lot to me. -bow-


Anonymous said...

Hey look what I found. :O